Serious Car Accidents

Today, serious car accidents are much too common as a result of competitive drivers exhibiting road rage. An important first step to prevent severe car accidents is to determine aggressive driving behaviour will require a Criminal lawyer Pittsburgh, and adjust your driving accordingly.

Lewd facial and hand gesture.
Honking, yelling and other impatient behavior.
Honking or flashing headlights from behind you.
Weaving in and out of traffic at high rates.
In the event you’re in a situation involving an aggressive driver, it’s vital to consider your safety first. Here are some tips to follow:

Ensure you’re wearing a seatbelt
escape the way and let them pass you
Don’t challenge the driver in any manner
Prevent any eye contact and ignore advances made by him or her
Don’t tailgate the other vehicle or get out of your car
when possible, report the driver to make sure he doesn’t cause any injury
Pull over to the side of the street to allow the driver proceed. If the other driver pulls over with you, call 911 to make sure your safety, and don’t exit your car or truck, but instead drive to the nearest public place, like a gas station or supermarket.
In reality, recently in Houston Texas an incident of road rage result in an auto collision, subsequently leading to a single man being defeated, and yet another choked to death. In this event, witnesses reported that a pickup truck driver that was in a hurry sideswiped another car. When the vehicles pulled to the shoulder, the competitive driver told another driver “You struck me, today I’m going to be late… you will be sorry that you gave me your advice. I will find you and kill you and your loved ones.” The aggressive driver then started to attack another motorist will need a injury lawyer chicago, beating him badly, at which point another driver’s son, trying to shield his father, place the aggressive driver in a choke hold. Witensses called 911, and the two drivers were taken to a nearby hospital, where the competitive driver later died of asphyxiation.

These senseless acts of road rage are becoming more frequent, and it appears that impatience behind the wheel today rules the day. Therefore, it is more important today than ever to understand what to do if confronted with an aggressive driver exhibiting road rage behavior.

If you are harmed because of an aggressive driver, contact an auto crash lawyer or a auto accident attorney Chicago may be able to make sure your rights are protected, and that you have the medical treatment you require. The personal injury attorney can allow you to navigate the justice system in the event of a severe automobile crash, and can make certain that your interests are guarded and you get what you’re entitled to from the individual that caused the injury.

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